Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fatal Vows Synopsis and Spoiler

Fatal Vows The Alexandra O'hara Story Part 1
So in the beginning of the movie mom is getting her little boy Brian ready for school. As they are headed out of the door on the buys street, they see several cops headed to the scene of a crime. The remains of a young lady is found there. Later it shows Alexandra O'hara missing her bus. She is offered a ride by a man named Nick Pagan. He starts spinning his tales about owning a fleet of delivery cars.

True: this really happened. This criminal, Alex, loved to brag about what he had. In reality, he was just a cab driver.  The real location was New York City.
In the next scene Nick calls Alexandra up to ask her out on a date. She politely declines. While she is walking home with her son, he shows up at her house uninvited with long stem flowers. He introduces himself to Alex's son Brian to try and impress her.

He starts really getting close to Brian, and Alexandra is impressed with Nick. She starts falling in love.

True: Both in the movie and in real life this guy spins lie after lie. Nothing he says is the truth. The real man was the same way. You couldn't believe a word that came out of his mouth. He was also very possessive and he had no regard for a woman's personal space or boundaries.

Side note: I am looking at John Stamos' portrayal of the real Alex Henriquez. I think he was the perfect choice to play this criminal.  In the real story, Henriquez was very dark and handsome as you'll see in the photos.

In the next scene they show Alexandra meeting Nick's family for the first time. His father is shown as this larger than life figure in the family.

true: In the real story, Alex's father did not really raise them. They stayed with their mother. She was the strong one in the family. It appears "that" relationship that they show between Nick and his dad is completely made up. Also, they depict this family as Italian. The real family was Hispanic.

In the next scene Nick proposes to Alexandra in front of his whole family. She accepts.

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