Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alex Henriquez aka Alejandro Henriquez Bronx Serial Killer

Here are some ways that killer Alex Henriquez has been described.

A high roller
A big spender who would lavish you with gifts.
Had a job as a cab driver, but always had loads of money on him.
He loved children particularly little girls.
A successful businessman
A policeman: he told everyone he was a cop and that he had connections with the police
He had an explosive temper
He always drove expensive cars. He had a particular liking for the Mercedes-Benz.
The devil. He was often referred to as "the devil" by the victim's family.
He was a very small man. He appeared larger on tv and in the newspapers.
He was very skillful at romancing and seducing women.
He always placed himself with rich people despite his Bronx background.
He kept lots of secrets. He lived a double life. He juggled women and relationships, he even lied about careers, and no one was the wiser.

*if you knew Alex Henriquez please send me an email so that I can expand this list

Here is a story that was sent to me.


My Mother used to keep a horse at Van Cortland stable in Riverdale, NY.  I knew 
Alex Henriquez briefly before he went to jail.  While I had no idea who he 
really was, my brief encounter made me very wary of him.  
He owned a horse named Trouble, and I met him when he approached me to exercise 
his horse for him.  I had been riding since i was very young, and also taught 
riding lessons.  Trouble was a handful for Alex, so I agreed to help him out and 
ride Trouble occasionally. 
He was always dressed neatly, and clean.  But he owed my boyfriend money for 
work done on his horses stall.  He always came to the stable with a different 
mode of transportation. One morning he approached my boyfriend and I with a 
yellow manila envelope with the handwritten word "confidential" on it. He 
claimed it contained his orders to go to Desert Storm. 
He claimed he was in the 
special forces, and that he would be deployed on a mission in a couple of weeks.  
He wanted to show us his "confidential" orders, but we declined.  When he left 
us, I expressed my disbelief to my boyfriend.  I grew up with a military father.  
He had been in the Army, and was still in the reserves.  Alex was not a military 
man, let alone special forces.  He did not have the physique for special forces.  
And orders are not presented in a manila envelope with handwritten confidential 
on it.  It seemed as if he wanted to prove something to us.
But he was absent for a couple of weeks, then reappeared.  I was shocked to see 
him again.  When I asked him what he was doing back home, he claimed that he was 
on a mission so dangerous, that they sent him home for a couple of weeks to say 
goodbye to his family. Yeah, right.  I stayed away from him after that.  Shortly 
after he was arrested for another crime and then it all came out.
Some of the people from the stable were asked to testify in his trial.

Just thought you'd be interested in some anecdotes supporting his "character." 



  1. unbelievable this guy was really psycho to be able to pull something like that off for as long as he did and murdered his very own niece why didn't he get the death penalty omg

  2. you can't trust no one!! even family!!