Friday, October 14, 2011

The Prison Address of Alejandro Henriquez aka Alex Henriquez

I am presently looking for the present location of Alejandro Henriquez. Thus far I have not been able to distinguish which Alejandro he is in the New York State Department of Corrections' website. I would like to keep up with his parole dates etc. However, I do not have enough information about him. If anyone knows his date of birth or if anyone knows which Alejandro Henriquez he is in their inmate system please send me a note or leave it in the comments. There is still so much interest in this case.

Thanks so much! Got this info in from a commenter today. You can find Alejandro Henriquez in the New York State Department of Corrections website with this birthdate: 5-22-61
Location: Wende Facility
He is eligible for parole in 2070


  1. 5-22-61 is his birthdate he is at the wende facility earliest release date 11-4-2070 his first parole eligibility date 7-2070

  2. In the movie his father/stepfather was the made to look like he molested john stamos and made him who he was.... during your reasearch did you find that to be true?