Saturday, October 15, 2011

Notes on the Jessica Guzman and Alex Henriquez Case

I remember watching this movie when it came out in the early nineties. At that time and still today it is such a creepy movie especially knowing that it was based on a true story. I looked for the basis of this story for a few years before I actually found it back in 1999 as I recall. This was a huge case. The case load documents on this story is extensive. Periodically I revisit this case when it comes on Lifetime Television. It is one of the best based on true story movies out there.  Here are a few notes on the case. I will try to update the notes every time the movie comes on.

Background on Alejandro Henriquez
This is a brief description of him according to police, ex friends, and former neighbors. 

People called him Alex. He was a smooth talker, and he had tons of women. He was very attractive with dark hair, but he was short in stature. Alex was very passionate and violent with a quick temper. He lived a secretive life, and his eyes could pierce straight through you. He had a very dark side. His mother is Nilda Henriquez and his sister is Virgina or Virginia Henriquez. He listed 2451 Delany Avenue in Baychester as an address when he was arrested for the robbery of World Yacht Restaurant at Pier 62. He robbed them of $20,000 with the help of his first wife Nancy, and another man named Luis. I have not confirmed if Nancy was ever arrested for her participation. But, she actually worked at the World Yacht Restaurant, and people say that after the robbery she was seen around town in a fur coat, jewelry, and a new car.The next woman he married was a woman named Andrea Rosario in March of 1989 while he was still married to Nancy. The marriage was eventually annulled. During the time he was with Andrea he had lots of women on the side.  Most of the time he just used them for their credit cards or their bodies.

The Cops in the Investigation and the Movie

Not sure who did the negotiating for the movie exactly. But there were 2 main cops involved in the case. A man named Gus Papay and Irwin Silky Silverman. Gus Papay was a housing cop or a security guard who lived in the same building as Jessica Guzman. He investigated this case, and he worked very closely Irwin Silky Silverman. Gus now runs his own private investigations agency, and according to his profile he is a retired Internal Affairs and Homicide Detective of New York. Irwin Silky Silverman was a NYC detective who was known for getting people to confess. During the investigation of this case he became really close with Jessica Guzman's family. Alex Henriquez actually got really close to Silky in order to keep up with everything that was going on with the case. He offered to help them investigate the case. Silky once stated that he kept Alex close enough to keep him talking. It was obvious that Alex liked hanging around Silky. But that changed once they received the call that a body had been found. Alex then started distancing himself from the case and from the neighborhood where Jessica lived.

The woman in the movie who was instrumental in helping the police in real life was a woman by the name Andrea Rosario aka Muhammad Andrea Rosario. Rosario was his girlfriend at the time the murders occurred, but she had recently moved into her own apartment. She really did help the police by taping Alex's voice. But, not in person as it is depicted in the movie. The tape recordings were made during her phone conversations with Alex Henriquez while he was being held in jail for the robbery of a restaurant and the bath tub scalding abuse charge of Andrea's 3 year old son.  On the tapes Henriquez spoke to Andrea in both English and Spanish. He kept saying her name Andrea over and over again. He was a very smooth talker, and he literally begged her not to leave him while he was incarcerated. She also asked him several times on the tapes about why he lied about Lisa Rodriguez. She told him that she had seen a photo of Lisa Rodriguez wearing a pair of her pink jogging pants. He explained that he had lied to her because he did not want her to be upset about him seeing another woman. Alex went on to explain that he had taken Lisa to a beach, and that while at the beach she got sand in her clothes and she wanted to change. So he brought her back home to let her shower after which he gave her some clothes...the pink jogging pants. Andrea did not believe that Alex had actually killed anyone in the beginning. She knew that he was a bastard and a liar, but she did not think he had actually committed murder until the detectives showed her the death scene photo of Lisa wearing the pink pants.

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